Rocketman ★★★½

Rocketman is a lot more conventional than it thinks it is. I do think its method of storytelling is rather standard, with the exception of adding the musical element. I wouldn't be surprised if this movie has a future as a stage production. For as well done as some of the music sequences are I feel like they are used to dance around historical inaccuracies.

I'm a fairly big fan of Elton John so it sort of bugs me when songs and events aren't appearing in the proper order that they happened. I was expecting that and that's probably the reason it took me so long to watch this. Its aimed at a more universal audience and not someone who already knows John's story fairly well.

Elton John was involved in the movie as a producer, but I was glad that it didn't gloss over his issues with addiction. It actually gets rather dark.

Taron Egerton gives a beautiful performance and I appreciated the effort to make him look a fair bit like the real Elton John. They resurrected the ridiculous costumes quite well also. Its obviously a great showcase for his talent since he does do all his own singing. He does a good job of recreating John's classics without straying away from John's original versions.

I always seem to enjoy music biopics, but none really blow me away anymore. I knew what to expect with this and I was happy enough with the result.

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