Sunset Boulevard ★★★★½

Sunset Boulevard is a beautiful and original film that shows a critique of Hollywood glamor. The film has aged remarkably well over the years as we've seen plenty of stars come and go, making a movie like this that much more significant.

Its a very engaging story, with interesting characters. The most notable of all Norma Desmond, played by Gloria Swanson. She fit into the role effortlessly since the character is at least slightly comparable to Swanson herself. It was a perfect choice to use a real silent film star in the role because they are so used to telling a story through facial expressions. Erich von Stroheim also plays a role that is slightly similar to his real life since he did direct some of Swanson's earlier films. These details probably went mostly unnoticed in the era, but now only make the film more interesting when watching now. William Holden's character develops quite smoothly through the movie also. Even the narration provided by him really worked for me.

Billy Wilder's script shines and the choice to start with the film's ending was a bold one that instantly makes you wonder how the story will eventually take you there. Wilder has so many classics, but this may be his best.

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