The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★

The Devil All the Time has a lot of potential and it actually does explore some interesting themes about evil and how it just seems to attach itself to certain people, and how some people can become eternally bound by circumstance, but it never really became that engaging to me. Antonio Campos definitely puts his own stamp on this project too. Even though I didn't love it I'll be interested in what he does next.

The film has more than a few dark moments. It's one of the most vicious movies I've seen in a while. The runtime isn't really that approachable. I actually felt it was actually quite longer than it was. It's very slowly paced too that when it did pick up a bit I didn't really care anymore. This project may have even worked better as a television series. A bit more time to develop the characters over hour long episodes may have made for a more satisfying ride.

The performances are good all around. The cast almost appears to be an ensemble, although Tom Holland is probably the guy with the most screentime it takes a while before he actually appears. He proves to be capable of leading an adult film. Robert Pattinson doesn't have a big role, but he really plays with his character and becomes memorable.

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