The Legend of Tarzan

The Legend of Tarzan ★★★

The Legend of Tarzan should have been titled The Return of Tarzan as it really isn't the origin story that viewers were expecting. The story starts with Tarzan (now going by the same John Clayton) already in London with his wife Jane. There are some flashbacks that occur parallel to the main story that show some of Tarzan's beginnings.

The Legend of Tarzan isn't exactly what I expected but I did still get some enjoyment out of it despite some flaws. I found the movie to be fairly well directed by David Yates. I was entertained through most of the runtime although I do think this movie is taken too seriously. The jungle setting is very well done and most of the cast give fairly solid performances.

Alexander Skarsgard is really an excellent Tarzan. I haven't seen him in  many other films but I do think he's an excellent choice for the character. Margot Robbie continues to assert herself as a movie star as Jane. They could've focused more on the relations between Tarzan and Jane but I thought that their pairing worked.

There were some times where Samuel L Jackson's character felt a little out of place. There are moments where he feels like a modern day man when the movie takes place in the late 1800s. Unfortunately Christoph Waltz's villain is one of the more disappointing aspects of The Legend of Tarzan. He is very much a one note villain and he really never feels like a true challenge to Tarzan and company.

The other painfully obvious issue is the CGI. Tarzan interacts with plenty of different animals and I found the CGI used for the animals were very weak. The animals moved very awkwardly and they never really felt believable.

I'll probably never watch it again but I found The Legend of Tarzan to be an enjoyable ride. It's a fun summer blockbuster. It's still better than a lot of the stuff we got this summer.

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