BlacKkKlansman ★★★★

A rewatch reveals how shoddy a lot of the staging is, as certain sequences have that odd, accidental first draft/first cut vibe, complete with awkward ADR or clumsy editing. Though that doesn’t make the film’s closing coda any less resonant. Seeing this in a packed theater really does feel surreal, especially when the movie ends on such an unapologetically somber note, deliberately with holding some faux “all’s well that ends well” wrap up that generically crosses T’s and dot’s I’s. Just like Chi-raq, which pairs really well with this, Spike isn’t content to just make a movie for the people who are as aware of the dire state our country has found itself as he is. This is a wake up call that’s loud enough that even the people who didn’t know it was necessary are going to have to listen. Let’s hope they do.