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  • My Name Is Pauli Murray


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  • My Name Is Pauli Murray

    My Name Is Pauli Murray


    At the start I was wondering why this felt so much like the "RBG" movie from three years ago, and then of course I found out it's from the same duo of West and Cohen. As someone who knew nothing about Pauli Murray, this movie was just the right, basic introduction, albeit with a corny af score. Don't know that it deserves nominations this coming awards season, though (c.f. recently released Critics Choice list that led me here).

  • In Bruges

    In Bruges

    Flimsy three stars initially because this is very vacuum-y, first-blood McDonagh, but down to two stars because Brendan Gleeson, shot and losing all that blood but still having the dramatic energy to say "Harry's here" in the end (and he ain't Alastor Moody talking about Harry Potter here) just took me out of the entire thing and reminded me that McDonagh, when he so chooses, can be a very narcissistic and self-satisfied writer, which is the writer we really get here, the one supposedly well-hidden by the bushes but who can't quite help revealing himself to the audience. The Pillowman is a masterpiece, though.

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  • He Who Is Without Sin

    He Who Is Without Sin

    Alternate title: The Sexual Exploitation of 2020 Twink Icon Elijah Canlas and One Enzo Pineda, Giving Off Steven Yeun in Burning Vibes.

    Seriously though, I enjoyed Pineda's performance A LOT--maybe "enjoy" isn't the best word, but he was really the only element that kept me going. On the other hand, this script--and how it was transposed onscreen--well, where to begin? Maybe I should post this on Facebook for fun so Mr. Laxamana can come after me.

    [Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino 2020 #3]

  • Midnight in a Perfect World

    Midnight in a Perfect World


    Alam niyo guys, ganito rin ang nangyari sa'kin nung one and (so far) only acid trip ko.

    Like yung sahig ng bwiset na The Island na 'yan sa BGC, nagmukhang punô ng suka, tapos akong si tanga iniiwasan din 'yung "suka" habang naglalakad. Ta's paglabas ng club, tumingin ako sa nightscape, sa skyscrapers and bright lights and shit, ta's sabi ko, oh mehn, mukhang Makati yata 'to ah, tapos boom, biglang nasa tapat na ako ng RCBC Plaza sa kanto…