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  • Happy Old Year

    Happy Old Year


    "The past is our enemy. It's the hardest thing to let go."

    Happy Old Year is a Thai drama about moving on and letting go. It's not the typical recovering-from-a-failed-relationship thing, it relates the dilemma of disposing personal things with sentimental value. The screenplay is solid and original.

    It stars, Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying whom I first saw in Bad Genius. She's an incredibly talented actress and carried the whole film.

    To be fair, the film feels incredibly slow at times, filled with slow zoom & trucking shots. Still, the intriguing story and the atmosphere of the film itself managed to keep me entertained.

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  • asdfmovie


    What in the world is this?

    To be fair, I don't even know internet way back 2008 but if this was humor back then, I don't want it.

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  • Never Hike Alone

    Never Hike Alone


    The fact that a fan-made film had a higher rating than most of the movies in the entire F13 franchise just goes to show how well made Never Hike Alone is.

    Plot-wise, it's nothing special but still managed to look very professional courtesy of amazing cinematography and makeup effects. As well as references to the original that I'm sure a fan would appreciate.

    Full Movie: https://youtu.be/7K_wkQSM8xM

    Kill Count by Dead Meat James: https://youtu.be/6781XugwQrA

  • Never Hike in the Snow

    Never Hike in the Snow


    This is what Friday the 13th would look like if it actually had a compelling story and likable characters, not those horny teenagers that I barely care about.

    Never Hike In The Snow had visually decent kills, stunning cinematography, and sprinkled in with a little bit of drama.

    Watched in YouTube.