Café Society

Café Society ★★★

Woody Allen’s latest flick Café Society is far from being one of the best he’s ever done, but showed a still perceptive 80-year old Allen who brings life and vibrance in a formulaic narrative. Set in the bustling façade of 1930s Los Angeles, Café Society brings a hopeless romantic (played by no less than Jesse Eisenberg) and an ideal secretary who is secretly having an affair with his big shot uncle. If the film doesn’t shy away with the predictable nature of its narrative, it’s Allen’s script who makes it engaging and enough to cover the holes. It’s buoyant, light, and charming and that’s really all that matters in the end. There’s a bit of sadness in the end which is insightful, observing how one can be so empty and alone while having all the privileges in life and the regret that comes from missing that moment. Kristen Stewart is the best thing of all the performances in this film. Stewart is actually ‘acting’, but still maintained her cool, low-key interpretation. Overall, Café Society is fun and entertaining, but feels insubstantial to be remembered as one of the best of the year. Not bad for Mr. Allen, but expecting a little bit more.

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