No ★★★★

Pablo Larraín's ingenious, vivid drama about the controversial Chilean national plebiscite of 1988 surprises with its utmost tenacity and sensibility in bringing sociopolitical issues that still matters up to this day. Beforehand, I found its historical-political context a complete bore that made me unexcited seeing it. But I was completely compelled by how universal the film is given by Larraín's sublime direction.

An earthy Gael García Bernal plays Rene Saavedra, a brilliant ad executive who heads the opposition NO campaign in which fights against Pinochet extending his dictatorship. First of all, Larraín's film is 'beautiful' and 'unique' to look at. The film looks an old, real found footage and brings so much authenticity which I really admire. The first half is challenging as it is alienating to start with (if you don't know anything about it), but the film gets better and better in the end. The dark humor is on point as well. For the acting, Bernal is both low-key and effective in his silences in which is the beating heart of the film. Ultimately, director Larraín succeeded in bringing a sensible, clever film that is both entertaining and informative.

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