Wendy and Lucy

Wendy and Lucy ★★★★

Kelly Reichardt’s simple, yet astounding character study effectively presents loneliness and the struggle to live thanks to Michelle Williams’ terrific performance. Reichardt’s minimalist narrative is quite a feat of its own, its smallness let us draw bigger, sensible issues on everyday life. An aesthetic that feels like the breath of the Dardenne brothers, Reichardt captures the beauty in the ordinary of Pacific Northwest as its integral character that also helped in making a truly effective human drama.

Still, the film belongs to the great Michelle Williams whose presence is quite arresting. Williams’ imbues her character Wendy with enough layers to let us sympathize with her sad condition. Her state of loneliness, desperation and fear are registered perfectly making her character truly convincing. Wendy and Lucy is a film filled with small characters and simple narrative, yet it packs a bigger purpose of displaying serious issues of human condition which is the film’s great achievement.

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