Die Hard ★★★★★

“No fucking shit lady do I sound like I’m ordering a pizza”

So I finally decided to reconcile my biggest cinema sin, and finally watch die hard. Boy, this movie definitely lives up to its name. 

To kick it off, this movie is a lot funnier than I expected. There’s a lot of halarious jokes in here that I found myself laughing out loud to. Another thing that surprised me is near the end, and sprinkled throughout there is some serious nail biting tension. Having previously known nothing about this movie outside the fact that Bruce Willis is in it, that it’s an action movie often hailed as the greatest, something with a building and the whole Christmas debate these things really surprised me and definitely were welcome surprises. 

Bruce Willis does a great job in this movie. I absolutely love the relationship he develops with the cop on the radio. The scene in the bathroom, god that was brilliant. I also loved how normal cops seem to know what’s going on more than higher ups, which could be considered a trope or an annoyance, but seeing as this most likely started that trend I’ll give it a pass. Also, I god damn knew that was Severus Snape. If you know, you know. 

The action in here is great too, with a lot more tension and lead up to the sequences themselves rather than the actual action, which by the way is still great but in my opinion is nowhere near close to the achievements of the John wick, and mission impossible franchise, mainly the latest two entries. The thing that’s different about this movie is you actually care about the characters, John is a smart, clever guy, which makes him likeable and he started a massive trope that has since been copied countless times, most recently in Dwayne Johnson’s Skyscraper. He’s someone you want to root for because he isn’t an idiot, and has a good developed backstory. That’s rather brilliantly rekindled in the bathroom scene. 

Overall, classic status, in my opinion is well earned, and I really enjoyed this, there’s laughs, action, tension, and some great payoffs. Even for characters as small as the cop on the radio, or a news reporter. If you haven’t seen this, well I’ve left the not seen die hard club, and it kinda sucks. Watch the movie folks. 

Side note: This is now my new favourite movie of 1988. Previous owner was beetle juice... so yeah. 

....Not a damn Christmas movie you idiots.

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