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  • How to Train Your Dragon 2

    How to Train Your Dragon 2


    With characters and dragons already introduced, the story feels better and more of an adventure.

    This was a lot better, than I had imagined of a sequal. With a proper villain, bigger and more spectacular dragons, and more impressive dragon-rides, this sudenly felt more interesting. There were scenes that reminded me a lot about similar scenes from Avatar (2009), and the beautifully animated battlescenes also felt different and more scary, than the rest of the more goofy looking design on…

  • The Heat

    The Heat

    A boring and embarrassing action-comedy, with a pair of annoying main characters.

    I had hoped for some decent action and some good laughs, but what I got from this, was just pure dissapointment. Right from the beginning, I was annoyed by our two main characters. First I thought Sandra Bullock would be pretty cool, but she was just awkward in every aspect, and I quickly lost all respect for her role. Melissa McCarthy was just so rude and extreme, that…

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  • Wind River

    Wind River


    A local hunter and a young FBI agent team up, in a short murder investigation in the snowy wilderness.

    The beautiful landscape of Wyoming makes the scene of a mysterious death. The following investigation does not feel very thorough, when the scrawny agent Elizabeth Olsen turns up. But that is also a part of the story and the theme - that the crimes against native americans are not being handled fairly. Luckily she gets help from Jeremy Renner, who is…

  • Roma



    Visually aestethic, but with no real content.

    This must be the closest thing I have come to a “feel-bad-movie”. It was sad, boring and pointless. We follow Cleo, a housemaid in Mexico in the start of the 70’es. She is a quiet and uninteresting person, who is not having an easy life. But she loves the children in the family, and does not have any ambitions for anything else really.

    From what I have heard, the movie is a tribute…