Always Be My Maybe ★★★

"Welcome to Burger King, plain grilling since 1954. Can I interest you in a whopper? You can get it to go if you want to eat it in your car and cry."

There are many times when the acting is not good, when the script is not good, and when this is genuinely awful. But somehow, through it all, it’s always lots of fun. The actors are naturally funny people and when they’re not hampered by the script, they really shine. Randall Park is phenomenal. The direction and editing are just strong enough to really land the emotional beats and carry most of the improv humor. In its best moments, Always Be My Maybe feels like a modern Asian-American update on Harry Met Sally, and I wish that lasted through the whole film. There’s still a shocking amount of story for its run time, and the film is never uninteresting.

So yeah, I really enjoyed this movie, even though it should be plain bad. It’s nearly a parody of itself, it’s so cliche and kitschy. A good chunk of my laughs came from just how dumb the movie is. But if you’re interested in fluffy rom coms and spending 100 minutes to just relax and have an uncritical good time, then it’s worth a shot. I had a blast.


I’m so happy Keanu Reeves is completely coming full circle, even with his rom com days. (No I didn’t forget you, Lake House- but trust me, I wanted to.)

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