Breakfast at Tiffany's ★★★

Audrey Hepburn is outstandingly hilarious, progressive, and stylish, but the screenplay is not. I love how unabashedly feminist Hepburn's character is, but this is truly one of the bizarrest stories I've ever followed - it felt like the script was written on the fly by an impulsive maniac. Although maybe that's the point? Maybe it's a brilliant, ironic metasatire? Or maybe it's really just a messy mood piece held together by nothing more than a beloved, eccentric character.

I watched this on a plane and the guy next to me was watching Roman Holiday, one of my all-time favs. Every shot is so gorgeous, every joke is so genuinely, eternally funny, and the script is so smart and heartfelt - I really wish I had watched that instead. For all its style and atmosphere, Breakfast at Tiffany's deflates like an impotent balloon when put beside a true masterpiece like Roman Holiday.

Confused about the hype for this one.

(ps. I did enjoy the references to Hepburn's filmography. Great little Easter eggs)

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