Drunken Master ★★★★

Super funny and surprisingly heartfelt! This is maybe my favorite Jackie Chan film so far. It's the perfect blend of classic Wuxia story, quality Kung Fu action, and Abbott & Costello silliness.

Jackie Chan is spectacularly acrobatic, and a clear master of fighting with props. Considering the weak plot structure and the standard storyline, I was really taken back by how emotionally invested I was in the character arc. Through the whole movie, we truly feel Freddie's highest highs and his lowest lows, largely thanks to Jackie Chan's fantastic performance as such a lovable idiot. Plus, the score is really, really good, and there are some fun camera angles. It's also noteworthy how naturally and logically the fights begin, considering how goofy the whole movie is. This kind of dedicated coherence is missing from so many of its contemporaries, and shows how seriously the filmmakers must have taken the story and the characters.

Emotional, action-packed, and hilarious beyond belief, Drunken Master is way better than it has any right to be.

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