Okay so gremlins...

Man what an insane movie.

I absolutely LOVE the first half, and I think it's legitimately one of my favorite things I've ever seen. Plus it's chock full of sci fi Easter eggs, everything from the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers to even Alien and Indiana Jones. It's like the early Ready Player One, it's that stuffed with amazing nods and cameos and background details. And the story is just so immersive and funny and scary, it's simply just a masterpiece... at first.

The problem is, once it reaches it's midpoint, once the stakes are raised infinitely high (and these guys are even better villains than Thanos, it's absolutely terrifying), once the stakes are raised infinitely high and its just so impossibly good, the movie implodes on its own self indulgence. It suddenly gets too silly, then there's a totally irrelevant backstory that's horrifically dark (possibly an attempt for extremely dark humor?), the final solution is a bit too convenient, and ultimately it's all a bit of a let down, imo. If they trimmed the indulgence I think it would have been so much stronger for it. But at the same time, I think maybe there's something to appreciate for letting them go wild with their vision and style, even if it's not what would be ideal story wise.

The practical effects are absolutely jaw dropping though, I have no idea what kind of magic they did and how they did it, it's just amazing. This is a conflicted movie but it's definitely worth loving and cherishing, even if only for the first half

If you're planning on watching this, I'd half-seriously maybe recommend turning it off, Infinity War style, as soon as all hope seems lost. Just turn it off and imagine how you think it might end, because what actually happens is just a silly waste of so much potential imo.

Great film with an only OK ending.