Invasion of Astro-Monster ★★★½

"There is no other choice. We must use the Earth's entire nuclear arsenal."

Borderline beautiful, Invasion of Astro-Monster is surprisingly rich with heart, humor, and heartfelt conflict. The look of the film is stunning, with art design that evokes a Japanese take on classic Star Trek or Doctor Who, and maybe even light teases of what would come with 2001. The cinematography makes great use of dramatic darkness, and features fantastic framing, especially with the strange symmetry in the Planet X scenes. While the film is mostly mild with the monster action, it invests heavily in the human story. The plot feels like a bit of Star Trek with Bond villains, and although it drags a bit (as they all do), the large ensemble of unique characters keeps the story constantly intriguing. This is maybe one of the most '60s things I've ever seen, and it is glorious. I just wish it had more monster mash.

-I love how the enigmatic, eerily-synchronized Planet X guys are basically just a bad boy band.

-Sleeping lil' Goji floating through space in a blue bubble is super cute.

-Not only do we get Godzilla clapping, but we get a victory dance?!?! Truly, we are unworthy.

-"If your brother could see what just happened, he'd flip!"
-*cuts to brother upside-down in a spaceship*

Godzilla Gang #9

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