King Kong vs. Godzilla ★★★★

"Alright, you can stay. But they take no responsibility if their god eats you both."

Seeing this a day after Godzilla 2014, I've realized a new metric for the series: If the big chonk never claps, is it really a Godzilla movie? Godzilla loves his clapping. And his bouncing! He's just one big happy boi. Boring-ass Godzilla 2014 don't know nothing.

This is the probably the most cohesive film I've seen from the series so far, and one of the most entertaining. Fun, danger, spectacle, drama, wackiness: The whole thing is absolute madness and everything is turned up to 11. There's even a ridiculous amount of fire everywhere, and as far as I can tell it's all real. The rapid editing and intense pacing waste absolutely no time. Godzilla goes on a colossally destructive rampage within the first 30 minutes, which is maybe a record?

At first I thought this was going to be some weird rehash of Mothra, but this is SO much more. Not only is it a model for the 2017 fun action adventure Kong Skull Island, but it also serves as a soft reboot of the classic King Kong, and in breathtakingly gorgeous full color. I love that they shoehorned some nonsensical moral at the end, just for the sake of it. King Kong vs. Godzilla operates perfectly in that sweet spot between drama, comedy, and horror. Fantastic movie.

Also, uh, Kong has lightning powers now?

-"King Kong is our company sponsor!"

-*Kong stomps through miniature town waving his arms in the air like a Flamenco dancer*

I've read that the American version is crap, so you can find the Japanese version here.

Godzilla Gang #7

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