Mothra vs. Godzilla ★★★★½

“We have no faith in your world.”

I don't even know where to begin. This film is so unique, so insane, so beautiful.... it's simply otherworldly and fantastical. In some strange way, maybe even transcendent.

Once again, the effects are incredible. The filmmakers have so much command over the power of scale, using every technique available to create illusions both humongous and minuscule. The miniature sets and props are impossibly well-detailed and elaborate. Even the human-scale sets are incredibly otherworldly and magical, as is the rest of the art direction and production design. Fantastic directing, editing, and acting had to be involved to make the shifts in scale look so unquestionably believable. The score is bold and dramatic, and the songs are heartbreakingly beautiful and surreal. Really great use of music for establishing and balancing the atmosphere and tension, and delivering an experience like no other.

As wild as the film is, it’s fascinating that our entry point into the story is as a journalism-thriller, with actual meaningful commentary about humanity. It balances and intertwines the human story and the monster story in a much stronger way than Godzilla 1954 did. (In fact, it vastly improves on everything Godzilla 1954 did, while adding plenty of new, unique elements of its own.) Really great cast of characters and actors, and I especially liked that headstrong lady photographer at the center of it all. Also, the eerie twins are so well coordinated, it's genuinely scary. I love that the blue screen residue around them has a great side effect of looking like some mystical blue aura. I appreciate how Godzilla’s arms are so useless that he has to turn around to use his tail anytime he wants to smash something. Then turn back around, check his work, and repeat if necessary. A for Effort for the big guy, that’s real determination. (But really, great costume work, very nicely textured.) Godzilla vs Weedle is a HUGE highlight of the film, what a hilarious, joyous sequence. The entire last act is legitimately one of my favorite last acts I've seen in a very long time. What an incredible, incredible ending. Unlike modern versus movies, this one truly loves up to its name, and so much more. It's just exuberantly satisfying, overexceeding everything a fan could wish for from a title like this.

Overall, Mothra vs. Godzilla is one of the most fantastic, exhilarating, indescribable experiences I’ve ever had with a film. With complete respect for their audience, and the highest level of craftsmanship, the filmmakers have brought to life a series of fever dreams, the kind you only fantasize about but never see made. I feel like this wasn’t meant for my eyes, it’s simply too special and full of childlike wonder with unbounded creativity. I truly feel like I’ve been transported to some faraway strange land. This feels like one of those obscure Wizard of Oz spinoffs, but set in the world of Godzilla Japan. Simply an outlandish, magical story told with utter sincerity and a clear moral center. This brought back my childhood. Perhaps unlike anything I’ll ever see again.

“Shouldn’t we at least thank them?”
“The only way to thank them is to create a better world.”
“A world based on mutual trust.”

Godzilla Gang #2

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