Us Again

Us Again ★★★★½

A fun fun fun sweet magical little short. Gorgeous animation, tight musical choreography, deeply felt human emotions, purely visual/musical storytelling, and maybe even a little wisdom gained along the way. 100% my jam. I wish I could have seen this on the big screen, even just for its 6 precious minutes.

I would have liked a few more interesting ideas in the music and a little more in the story itself, but for the sheer challenge of translating every musical note to animated visual choreography and vice versa, I'm really more than happy with the success of this final result. An inspired intersection of Jacques Demy/La La Land and small scale, dream world sci-fi/fantasy. Infinitely rewatchable for all the intricate little details and music cues, not to mention the articulation in the physicality and facial expressions of the animated characters. Maybe even a few easter eggs throughout? There's so much to love here. I'm just so so so happy with this. 😊

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