Wheels on Meals ★★★½

An absurd but lovable action-comedy. The Latin-Funk score was pretty great, albeit repetitive. I was proud of myself for being able to identify some of Bruce Lee's fighting style even in Jackie Chan's goofy antics. The fights are so, so good, especially in the finale. Simply spectacular choreography, especially in the duo scenes with Yuen Biao and Jackie Chan. I love Jackie's fight with Benny, and how he juggles being dead serious, being relaxed, and being absolutely unpredictable. There's so much raw brutality in that fight that I was getting flashbacks to Rocky, which really surprised me. Jackie is such an absolute joy to watch, and that fight had a perfect ending.

I honestly wish this was a bit funnier, because that could have really helped the scenes between all the fights. The story is a wild, nonsensical mess and there's nothing particularly interesting about the filmmaking itself. They boldly try to tackle some interesting social issues like homelessness and mental illness, but they can never overcome their need for comedy. In the end, it comes off almost like a parody, rather than the sensitive awareness I think they wanted to achieve.

Quite honestly it's like a 5/10 as a movie but the action and heart here are really worth so much more. I can't wait to rewatch those fights on YouTube. Jackie Chan is the best.

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