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  • Stiff Competition
  • Draguse or the Infernal Mansion
  • The Jewel of Love
  • Anyone But My Husband
  • 'Sweet Punkin' I Love You...
  • Buster Keaton Rides Again
  • Helicopter Canada
  • The Coca-Cola Kid
  • Keyholes Are for Peeping
  • Love Toy

Partner Labels - OCN Distribution

153 films

Films distributed by Vinegar Syndrome's sister company, OCN Distribution.

  • Death Wish II
  • FleshEater
  • Alien Private Eye
  • Hospital Massacre
  • Schizoid

Vinegar Syndrome Filmography

358 films

Up to date filmography from Vinegar Syndrome across genre releases, adult titles are on a separate list.

  • Talons of the Eagle
  • Fortress of Amerikkka
  • Tiger Claws
  • Tiger Claws II
  • Tiger Claws III: The Final Conflict

Vinegar Syndrome Archive (VSA)

26 films

Celebrating forgotten cinematic oddities from the video store era. This collection was inspired by our own brick & mortar video store,…

  • The Scary of Sixty-First
  • Censor
  • New York Ninja
  • Six-String Samurai
  • The Beastmaster

Vinegar Syndrome Ultra (VSU)

2 films

A Vinegar Syndrome sub-label focused exclusively on extravagant UHD/Blu releases of ‘major’ 80s and 90s titles that might not always…

  • Hangs Upon Nothing
  • Catch My Soul
  • Some Call It Loving
  • The American Dreamer