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  • Creed II

    Creed II


    "She is not feeling sorry for herself, you shouldn't do it neither"
    After Adonis Creed almost beat Ricky Conlan in the first film, he kept striving until he reach at the top of his work getting the championship belt, with Rocky healed from the cancer and having a even stronger relationship with Bianca. After he get his belt, Victor Drago, son of Ivan Drago that killed Apollo Creed, challenges Adonis for a fight for the belt. Directed by Steven Caple…

  • Polar



    A institution of professional killers have a policy of retirement at age 50. When the employee retires, they recieve millions of dollars, and for the company to keep their money and pay their bills they kill every single one that reaches 50 years old, The Black Kaizer is one of them and he will have to fight and shoot to survive. Directed by Jonas Âkerlund and written by Jayson Rothwell.
    This film is a lot of fun, honestly, it doesn't…

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  • Aquaman



    "I'm not a king" — "You are greater than that" — "What could be greater than a king ?" — "A HERO!"
    A woman named Atlanna is the queen of Atlantis, in order to escape of an arranged marriage she swims away from that place and end up in a lighthouse with a man that will take care of her, they become a couple and give birth to the half-atlantean Arthur Curry. Looking foward to mantain the peace between the…

  • Creed



    "Body shots like he's Rocky Balboa, going upstairs like he's Apollo Creed!" Chills...
    Adonis Creed, son of Apollo Creed, son from an affair that not much people know about is found by his mother and grow up with Anne. Adonis guided by his mom try to follow a normal life, but he just can't do it, so he, that already is very familiarized with fightining, got to a bus to Philladelphia, where he can meet and train with one of…