Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★★½

Miles Morales lives in Brooklyn with spider-man around, in one day he got a bite from a spider, and for his surprise he ended up having spider-man's powers and more. In one day he found spider-man fighting his enemies in a machine, that machine was a key to travel between another universes and for a sequence of facts a bunch of spider-men got in the same universe in need to go back home. Directed by Peter Ramsey, Bob Persichetti and Rodney Rothman. Written by Phil Lord and Rodney Rothman.
The story in this film is great, even if you know how it is going to end, it doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the whole journey full of surprises and great, memorable moments. I think that it was perfect what they established since the very beginning, telling and showing us that the events that we have already saw in another movies, comics or cartoons, did happened to that spider-man, it was so important because it made me care so much more about some events, events that got me crying. There is a funeral sequence in this movie that worked really hard, it gave the perspective from the society getting the message, you could feel the sadness, the lose of hope, an idol that inspired you being gone, you could feel all of that, it was great. The introduce you Peter Parker like it should, you already know him, so it just gave a little reminder of some interesting parts and, important, quickly. Now, the introdution of Miles Morales was perfect, you got to know him really fine, understand what he do, his struggles with family and school, and most important, that he is NOT a choosen person that was destined to be a super hero, he is a regular person like any of us, that has problems like any of us and by chance he got bitten by a spider that gave him powers. The whole journey for Miles in here is great and felt natural, things didn't felt off or over something, he is first normal and then got powers and a situation that he can't handle or understand, so in some moment he feels down and depressed and after some event with certain speech he got hope and find strenght to do something great, it isn't the most original thing ever, right? But trust me, the way it is done isn't conventional at all. The way things are setted up is a really good point as well, it helps in having emotional, funny and action moments, and all of that works in overall, there some bad jokes, or some not that good action, but, again, in overall it is really nice.
There are a lot of references about the whole spider-man culture that exist, about games, comics, old cartoons, old movies, everything, and they are all so great, they aren't just as free references that consumes time from the movie, it does works together with the story and it is really awesome.
The school ambience im this film was really nice and real, wich is important, so as the neighborhood.
The main villain does have a good motivation to do what he is doing, even if it isn't much explored. There are another villains that show up, all nice looking and different. There are some moments during the last action moments that maybe was way to much, and some characters that felt so coincidence that really were there that showed up at some point.
The multiverse in here is good explored. All the spider-something characterd that we have are different in many ways, they don't waste time telling a lot about each one of them, but they do let you know them better for what they say and do during their time on screen.
Another thing that did got me hard in this movie was some dialogues that really let me thinking and learning about some good stuff. The turning point dialogue between Miles and his father really got me, remembered me of how strong family is. Other point was the one where they all understand each other, don't matter how different and strange you might be, there always is someone like you, that will understand and help to make the better version of you, even if they are from another universe.
The visual identity in this film is really great, it is different from most animations that are out there, it looks like modern comic books arts. It works really fine, in many aspects, and action is one of those, the colors jumping out the screen, all of that is really good.
The soundtrack is another hight point in here, really heroic, in some moments remember the original scores from another movies or shows.
The cinematography is really fun, the movimentation of the camera are really fun and intuitive. There are moments when what the character is thinking show up on screen like in a comic, or when a hit happens the "BOOM" is written on screen, just like the Batman tv show.
This film is really fun, there are some very nice deep moments, different spider people, not just people, that gives different layers to the characters, fantastic film.

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