Tokyo Godfathers

Tokyo Godfathers ★★★★

"God must be busy at this time of year"
"Better once a year than never"

Tokyo Godfathers was a amazing surprise, and one of the best adult animations that I've ever seen actually, totally deserving the cult status of one of the most underrated and remarkable christmas movies that exists, knowing how to create a unique expierenve that perfectly balances between darker and most dramatic scenes with some comical and optimistic moments

Satoshi Kon is a interesting figure, he has few actual feature length films, but all of them are considered great, and for me was unexpected seeing such a life-hearted project coming from the man who brought us Perfect Blue. And for me what kind of make this works so well is that the most heavy and mature stuff never feels throw into the mix, and only set the most realistic tone, to make the emotional parts hits harder, and make the happy parts be even more happier

Never failing to make the plot of these three beggars trying to find the parents of this baby they found on the trash be boring, aways putting some new details or character dynamics that improves the narrative, exploring more the past of the main characters and delivering twists into the screenplay that never fails to work, making these 90 minutes feel like this giant journey, and I say this in the best way possible

All the three protagonists are amazing, having complex motivations and personalities that are developed really well, making their feelings and emotions be subtle shown to us according to the situations that made them get to where they are now, and their dynamics is just fantastic, so many moments are comedy gold, however when they want to hit hard, they hit hard

It also has some fascinating social commentary, a lot of class struggle is presented here and interesting conflicts all they way through, the animation also show this very well with some dirty and fruity aspects. But never forgetting that it's a Christmas movie, so there's a hopeful bright and colorful moments in each moment, presenting the ideas of family, unity, compassion and hope that in the end things can (and will) work out

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