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  • The Impossible

    The Impossible


    Quase não dei conta desse filme, forte demais pra mim. A fragilidade da vida retratada nele me jogou para a realidade da pior maneira possível... Cenas que não irei esquecer tão cedo. Respeito total à mãe natureza.

  • Mood Indigo

    Mood Indigo


    I love the fact that the work explores the visual stimulus to bring us closer to the characters' feelings. The aesthetics of the film change as the emotions change. The film starts out colorful and full of life. As Chloé gets sick, the film gains dark tones, tight spaces, morbidity.
     My favorite part of this film are the visual metaphors. In a certain scene, the protagonist couple rides on a cable car in cloud format, just when they are feeling…

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  • Leap Year

    Leap Year


    Super clichê, amo, uma delícia para não precisar pensar... assisto qualquer coisa com Amy Adams.com

  • Brokeback Mountain

    Brokeback Mountain


    Brokeback Mountain was the first movie that made me cry. I was a child and I was at my sister's house watching TV. I remember that during a commercial they announced that they would be broadcasting the film that night and someone in the room said to me: “don't watch this film, it's not worth it, there’s a lot of ugly things in it”. At that moment, automatically, my curiosity went to the extreme and I decided that I would…