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  • Black Panther

    Black Panther


    A good superhero film!

    First of all, CGI had a lot of problems! But Ryan Coogler's direction, specially the scene at that casino, proves once more that he is a stupendous visionary.

    I adore the partnership between Coogler and Michael B. Jordan, always on point! In this case, they were able to define a new anti-hero that is Killmonger. Every scene with Jordan, I was excited! How can he be so charismatic, to the point that he was almost carrying the movie by himself?

    My main problem was the story. I love the Lion King, so this is what Avatar is to Pocahontas!

  • Halloween



    I've missed The Shape sooo much!

    After watching numerous sequels (don't get me started on Halloween Returns!), I feel this one is the fresh air we needed, after almost drowning in a pile of mud, to say the least.

    The third act, got me sittiing on the edge of my seat, almost having a panic attack.

    Loved how careful they were with the charcters, showed real passion for wat Carpenter had done 4 decades earlier.

  • Alien



    How truly beautiful and scary can a movie, about a killer alien loose inside a ship, be? Well, a lot, actually !

    Pretty damn impressing what diretctor Scott was able to craft (even though the creator pretty much destroyed his creation with the later sequels)!

    Besides, Jerry Goldsmith's score is just a ride through space's darkness of emotions"