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  • The Untold Story

    The Untold Story


    This Hong Kong crime horror. This one. Where the beginning is brutal then it becomes a cop procedural with comedy characters with occasional cuts to the killer murdering a staff member of his restaurant because they looked at him funny then back to the comedy. With the occasional cannibalism.

    Tonal shift doesn't begin to cover the complete holy fuck of the last 20 minutes. Just be prepared. You'll be wondering why all the good stuff happened so early then...uh...blam.

  • The Black Phone

    The Black Phone


    I completely blanked on this being written by Joe Hill, the son of Stephen King until it was explained to me after and then the whole "Ridiculously determined bullies/yellow rain coat/balloons" thing made more sense.

    This is an easy recommendation if you're looking for a solid escape film with horror twinges. But if you're a survivalist, there's gonna be some parts where you will straight up go "Bruh just use that!" then get mad when the kid is told he…

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  • 50 First Dates

    50 First Dates

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Imagine you are waking up like normal. You are in your everyday world. No kids, but a fiance. Loving family. You like your life.

    Suddenly you are told by Adam Sandler that you are actually married to him, have had multiple children with him, and live on a boat with him in Alaska.

    Repeat this everyday for the rest of your life.

    Now what if I told you that this isn't a horror movie ending, but a romantic comedy ending?

  • Air Bud

    Air Bud

    I hate you Air Bud.

    I hate that from 4th grade on every time we could pick a movie to watch on Friday the entire class picked this god damn movie. It didn't matter what the other choice was. Aladdin. Lion King. Matilda. All Dogs Go To Heaven.


    Then there's always that one kid who's like "The dog died after the movie was over" and then the girl who just believes him and starts crying…