Hereditary ★★★★½

I love when an entire theater has the most uncomfortable vibe throughout an entire film. Where you're just sitting and waiting and forgetting to breath because you just can't.

Then when the movie ends and there's high school kids running away saying "pff that was stupid" as if they weren't just nervously laughing and feeling nauseous like the rest of us. Or that one guy on his phone in front of me only when things got their most crazy. Of course he'll get on Facebook and say "pff that was boring fam!" but I know he was hiding.

You don't know how to feel walking out. It will find some personal tone that only adds to just how well made the scares are. No musical stings or overblown score. A film made by a director who watched enough horror films to know how the language of a modern scary movie works. Full shot of someone standing in a hallway looking up? You know what you'd expect, but he makes sure that you never really do.

I mean...there's bad ADR work. ON PURPOSE. The bad ADR is a plot point. He thought of everything!

I'm still not sure on what to make of it other than it will go one as one of the best horror films this decade has to offer. My friend wont stop calling me, clicking his tongue, and hanging up.

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