Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Hunt for the Wilderpeople ★★★★

This is refreshingly original-ish story that really stayed entertaining for the majority of the run time. It's honestly a really warm and funny time and that should be seen. I don't even want to delve too deep into it, except to list a few issues that keep the rating a little lower:

1. That bit with Ricky in the junkyard felt a little out of character for him, even with the situation. Luckily it's fixed by the ending
2. I found 3 jokes that fell flat, mostly from the scene chewing antics from child services who I wish was toned down for this

That's about it. It's hard to be mad at a film like this. Sam Neill is awesome. The kid Julian may not have a huge future in films but he's pretty funny here. It's obvious the kid has some charisma, especially in the blooper reel (the bit where it takes him forever to see the dog then he screams and laughs is almost funnier than any bit in the film)

I liked the movie yeah
Peccaries are dangerous
The dog, the damn dog

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