Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★½

I know I avoided this for years because at the time I didn't need a film about watching a protagonist try to achieve something and have various, bombastic shit happen to them to get in the way. Then because it's the Coens, it would have a sudden black screen during the final scene with no closure and I just watched a film where someone tries really hard then gets nowhere then the credits roll.

Not that I need a little bow on all my films obviously, but at the time it just didn't sit right with me so I'm late to the party.

And I'll just say that the weakness of Llewyn's cynicism covering a deeper depression was something I wasn't expecting. Plenty of Davis's issues just stem from his worldview not meshing, and essentially being an asshole that lashes out at those who help. I misread this shit completely and I'm an idiot.

I'm not in love with the film in general, and I'd rather watch A Serious Man again for this type of Coens story, but obviously I enjoyed the folk music and Oscar Isaac has a deadpan mastery that needs to be explored more by Wes Anderson type.