My Neighbor Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro ★★★½

I grew up with my fair amount of animated films that I love as much as half the world loves Totoro, all heavily fueled by the nostalgia and love of watching something while growing up. Totoro was not of those films for me, so I can't sit here and talk about how much I grew up with Ghibli films and how I had dreams of how me and a giant bear rodent thing flew around in a cat bus while exploring the countryside.

Because I first saw Totoro at 18. So I'm screwed for life. I'm sure if I had been sat down with the Totoro VHS at 6 and told to watch I'd have gone nuts. But instead I can admire it from a different perspective, and that perspective gives in 3 1/2.

Does this mean that my future children will grow up with Totoro. I'd be depriving them if I said no.

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