Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day ★★★★½

Getting the boring obvious part out of the way, Terminator 2 is amazing. It's one of the best action films ever made, and is practically a classic film in its own right. Other than the clunky start with whiny Edward Furlong it's easy to forget it with the use of practical effects.

Also it has one of the greatest uses of miniatures that I've ever seen. It needs more praise for THAT moment than it gets now. August 29th 1997, when it's brought upon the audience, it's insane. Especially now that I've seen it on the big screen for the first time, and in 3D.

So instead of just gushing and gushing about something that everyone knows about, I'll instead write down just what T2 means to me.

T2 is the first R rated film I saw, being put on by my Father on a day my Mother wasn't home when I was 4. I understood the basic concept of death, but it always was a "when you're old you die" thing. He made me promise I wouldn't tell Mom, and I didn't. It had just debuted on HBO, and my Dad recorded it and kept the VHS in the collection. I think he still has it to this day.

Anyway, the film blew my tiny mind away. Never really saw blood before like this. Or wanton death. When it got to the aforementioned apocalypse scene, the image of flaming skeleton that was just a talking person seconds before. The images of children turning to ash then floating away into nothing. Holy shit!

But fuck if I didn't feel like such a big kid sitting with my dad on the couch watching. But then I noticed something odd about my Dad. He would come home from work in the same leather jacket and gloves as Arnold. My dad never rode a bike, but he even had the damn shades! Same black or white shirt. Boots. I use to poke my dad in the face like John Connor does to the Terminator in the film.

He came home smelling like gas fumes one night. Probably just a mistake while filling up, but damn if T2 still doesn't smell like that to me to this fucking day! My Dad was the Terminator. Quiet, reserved, dealing with anything so god damn easily. He wasn't anyone to fuck with because he'd cut off his skin and show his robotic arm to prove a point.

Eventually my Mom found out anyway, and she was more upset that she missed on seeing it, so we watched it again. Then I would watch the tape at least once a year. My dad wasn't the typical "DAD MOVIE BRO LOL" kind of guy. He wasn't showing us all the Arnold/Stallone films or anything, but T2 he knew was special. Just a fuck of a film in every way.

To this day I can't just watch it like anything else. Seeing it on the big screen felt great though.

My dad currently finished round 2 of chemo. He's doing OK. A little smaller, and a little more tired. He wont die though.

Because he's the fucking Terminator.

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