The Social Network ★★★★★

Social Network, you are so easy to love. So easy to watch and watch and watch again like I've done over the years.

I'll put it this way; it's the only film that I ever "streamed" first, then turned around and saw it again in the theater. I knew I couldn't be without it.

When it released it was getting masterpiece level praise, and even after the Oscars it still is a film that seems to resonate more than anything else in 2010. Either online or with others I talk about movies with in general.

The flow and the rhythm of the dialogue go with out saying. This is still the best I've seen from Aaron Sorkin, though he's tried to top it since. Delivered at top speed by perfect casting, and of course brought together by David Fincher. They really should come together again. I'd watch.

Getting into the plot seems silly at this point. Everyone knows it as The Facebook movie, before or after seeing it. It's a nice snapshot of a time, without feeling too archaic or dated if that makes sense. Too many moments do I still think to myself after it's over "God I love this movie" or "That's a great scene holy shit!" to count.

Jesse Eisenberg will never be nominated again. He'll never be as good as this. His talents are used perfectly here. Almost too easy. He's no where near my favorite actor, but I could not put anyone else in his place. Is he Mark Zuckerberg? Nope. Does that matter? Not really.

The Social Network is a piece of historical fiction. Beautifully shot, perfectly edited, uniquely scored, historical fiction. It's a true masterpiece, one that only a select few can really take over to me in terms of quality. I may have other favorites listed higher, but the craft here is nearly untopped.

I still don't know where the Facebook masthead is.

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