Halloween ★★★★★

This is one of the John Carpenter movies that I haven't always given enough credit. I am nuts about the Thing and They Live, and tend to overlook Halloween because of its massive popularity and cultural influence. Every time I watch it, I'm surprised all over again.

Donald Pleasence is magical as Loomis, wide eyed and spitting out some of the best lines in horror history. He conveys what I am feeling inside watching this nightmare unfold, complete dread.

And really, thats what I love about Carpenter. He knows better than any horror director how to instill fear and tension. You feel it in your gut. Halloween is like sinking into quicksand; you slowly descend and begin to panic until you're entirely enveloped by the nightmare. He does this with setting, perfect soundtrack, and some hidden magical ability he has that I don't think anyone has replicated fully since.

I love this movie.

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