Minari ★★★★

The episodic narrative of Minari exposes the hardships and obstacles faced by a South Korean family in the USA during the 1980s. Filmed with the kind of grace that perfectly captures moments of tenderness and affection in a family household, Minari defies conventional storytelling by purely introducing us to fascinating characters and the little stories that build their lives. As the family struggles to have a dignified life, the relationships among them will also change. The family dynamics faces a major change when the children's grandmother comes from South Korea, and the relationship between her and her grandchildren reflects the influence of American values on their own mindset and its consequential cultural clash. With a fantastic cast and few lines of dialogue that represent the simple life in the countryside, Minari is the unassuming and heartfelt tale of a family that has managed to overcome obstacles, whether they were financial hardships or broken relationships that needed healing.

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