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  • Happiness Ahead

    Happiness Ahead

    Double feature it with IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT to see how people could've read that script and thought it was a hunk of junk. Not that this is, but the similarities in the material are quite striking, especially when Dick Powell barges into Josephine Hutchinson's father's office talking about how she took him for a ride. The ending is a bit obligatory, but the first act and a half showing them all having fun is joyful.

  • Madam Satan

    Madam Satan

    Titanic the in skies, absurd camp, wish more movies had ridiculously drastic tonal shifts.

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  • The Searchers

    The Searchers


    For a very long time, I was very mild on THE SEARCHERS, I liked it pretty much least of all among mature Ford films. The last few months have been a sort of renaissance with me and Ford––I've watched about a dozen, finding them for the most part richer than before, sometimes by complete orders of magnitude. I can just about say that the films John Ford made with Frank Nugent are some of the most complex documents on how…

  • The Aviator

    The Aviator

    What once looked like an overbudgeted Hollywood historical epic trampsing through its golden years has with age become clearly recognizable as a painfully wrought vision of an artist without brakes, a self-portrait if there ever was one, mired in the director's own obsessions while attempting to recreate them all the same. Almost Joycean in its self-reflexive mythologizing.