Violeta V. Luna

Violeta V. Luna

"Si me buscáis estaré todo el día iluminando tazas."
Aspiring cinematographer in love with narrative.

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  • Unpregnant



    This is the kind of freaking teenage movies we deserve

  • Mulan



    Deprived of every single piece of what makes a movie emotional, 2020's Mulan is just the vague skeleton of some kind of sketch. There is zero character complexity, zero narrative achievements and the feeling that someone who hear about, but never watched, a wuxia movie tried to replicate the style.
    What makes me mad the most is that the magic of the original Mulan (the movie that most impacted me as a child) was that her achievements came because she…

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  • Parasite



    It is absurd how Bong Joon-ho controls the audience however he wants. How he can jump from one genre to another without you even noticing. I laughed, I was tense, afraid, angry, miserable, excited.
    I loved how there's complexity in the whole movie without a trace of pretentiousness. His way of narrating being really universal, creating complex characters that you can understand and care for even when they don't do the right thing. How he can use scenarios to tell things words can't.
    You have to be really smart to play with emotions like this.

  • mother!



    Cuando voy al cine lo mejor que puedo esperar es que me lleven al límite y Aronofsky es, precisamente, un director capaz de pegarte un viaje espectacular. Maravilloso concepto, increíble ejecución y enorme Jennifer Lawrence en su mejor interpretación hasta la fecha junto con Winter's Bone.