Minari ★★★★


IFFBoston Fall Focus 2020 - Film #1 (Opening Night) 

Minari is deserving of the praise it has gotten. A beautiful, sometimes heartbreaking film about family, faith, and so much more important topics. How it connects all the themes together, (in what’s a brilliant screenplay), strikes the viewer with such power. Such ideas such as memories and love in this film tie together to create such a moving experience. The final act is so emotionally engaging, especially. Lee Issac Chung has created a film that he put his entire soul into. His directing is almost perfect here. The passion is so apparent, and it’s a joy to see. Also, since there’s been discussion about it recently, Steven Yeun NEEDS to be nominated during award season. There’s a moment towards the end where he made me cry. He’s a great actor, and this is his best performance. The rest of the performances are so genuine, too. It’s so well-crafted all around. This is a film that’s going to be mean so much to many people. It’s beautiful seeing a film have an impact on people like it has already. I cannot wait for more people to see it once A24 releases it wider. I loved it.

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