Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive

Viewed in 35mm 

Not exactly sure what to say about this one either than I absolutely loved it. It’s deeper complexities struck me greatly, and were extremely fascinating as a viewer. David Lynch truly is one of my favorite filmmakers. His style oozes off the screen with immense success. Bold and striking tones set the atmosphere perfectly. He’s truly a creative mastermind. I’m so happy I got the experience this film for the first time on the Big Screen. It truly blew me away with its story and visuals. Definitely going to be rewatching this next year to see how I feel then. 

This is a more conventional review than my others because of the simple fact I’m still contemplating what I just witnessed. I’m trying to make logical sense of everything that happened, and all I can really say is this. However, that’s probably what Lynch wanted.

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