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  • Boat Madness

    Boat Madness


    after over 3 years since my introduction to Boat Madness 1: The Diagnosis, i finally decided to sit down and watch not only the full 160 min series on Youtube but the edited movie-length version listed here, and god what a ride it's been. a time-old story of man's struggle between facing reality and basking in delusion, David Rhoades' descent into the titular 'boat madness' is a fever dream of eye-searing editing, bizarre characters and pure absurdity. it's clearly a…

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  • Terra Formars

    Terra Formars


    another live action OVA like As The Gods Will but not quite as solid, probably because it's quite clear that the story is rushed through several volumes and skimps on characters (similar to Blade of the Immortal). surprisingly decent CGI (for the most part). not enough gore which is a shame because it was obviously meant to have more but it was all either cut out or the shots were overly zoomed in to hide it. lame. bug designs were....interesting...some…

  • Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

    Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge


    i have a lot of issues with concentration which is a pretty big obstacle when you're interested in a medium that requires you to sit still and focus for upwards of an hour at the very least, if not more. its why I don't watch a lot of slow movies or movies longer than 2 hours, and why I like watching shorts so much. so when a movie that is 3+ hours long can keep me enthralled more or less…

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  • Incel



    can we end this 'incels are just spergs who need a friend' meme? also imagine making a movie about incels where the focus is the extremely minute possibility that they may become mass shooters (yeah, I've heard of Elliot Rodgers! we've all heard of Elliot Rodgers! you're doing an Elliot Rodgers thing in your movie? spooky! edgy! gripping!), rather than the very real and very widespread misogyny, sexual perversion, and pedophilia inherent to these communities. great job getting basically no…

  • Black Mirror: Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too

    Black Mirror: Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too

    hi im trent reznor and you're watching disney channel