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  • The Void

    The Void


    Started off strong but...

    It's a well-made sci-fi Silent Hill ripoff, like one big extended cut-scene plus a big boss at the end. The longer it went on for, the more they copied, and the more irritated I got.

    The end almost redeemed the movie as it introduced other references e.g Lovecraft, Hellraiser etc which helped break up the preceding unoriginality, but I would have enjoyed this a lot more if they'd done so faaaar earlier.

    Could have done without the last scene too, didn't do anything for the plot.

  • Safe


    A theme still relevant today.

    Also - understated yet beautiful costuming and set design, a perfect time capsule of 90s visual elements that doesn't look like someone vomited everywhere. Thanks.

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  • In My Skin

    In My Skin


    Mildly interesting documentation of a woman's dissociation from her body after having an accident at a party. Quite bloody, however I wish the psychological factor had been explored in more depth.