Rangoon ½

“A movie filled with established actors but could not hit the right note cause of the story line”

This movie is shown to happen at WWII. It is basically a love triangle of two men falling in love for the same woman.

The story line was a disaster they could have shown a normal love triangle but no they had to take it back to World War 2. The action sequences were really bad did not feel like a war. From beginning to end this movie was boring and senseless. Now let’s talk about the songs in this movie all a complete disaster not one of them was catchy. The romance shown in this movie was all happening so fast it’s just like some random scenes were been put into this movie to fill the movie eventually. Kangana, Shahid and Saif did their part well but they could not save this movie cause of the storyline and how is “bloody hell” a catch phrase.

No I would not recommend this movie for anyone.

My Rating 0/10