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  • My Brother Jordan

    My Brother Jordan


    If you’re locked arms with someone and I’m hopping on one leg. If he moves I’m gonna fall down. So now that, that person’s not there I’m just trying to walk. And I’m gonna fall down. And I’m gonna get back up and fall down. I’m going to look for him to hold me up but he’s not there. And then I’m going to remember all the times he helped me up. And however far I go that all I’m going to think about because we were much better together. And I’m just hopping on one foot trying to do life.

  • Best in Show

    Best in Show


    Christopher Guest Is a creative genius. He’s goes against the grain to an extent where he may lose a main stream audience but In return he keeps his unique stories. Best in Show is a perfect example of such an unfiltered comedy.

      The film reminds me of a feature length SNL skit in the sense that it relies so heavily on characters and direct conflict between each of them. The raw authenticity in each role in this film is…

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  • Spy



    The best part was when the random guy asked for directions to the Popeyes in the middle of an intense fight

  • The Lion King 2

    The Lion King 2


    Let’s make this the lowest average rated movie on Letterboxd