Tenet ★★★★★

Christopher Nolan’s 13th film was a true class act from the suits and production design to the endless attention to detail in the script and execution of the movie.

Tenet boasted a fantastic score and stunning visuals to enhance the immersive experience given to the viewer. This, and the complex storyline keep you on the edge of your seat the entire film.

Tenet far surpassed my expectations in many ways: first and foremost in the plot and character development; Christopher Nolan took a very untraditional approach to his story. The relationships and growth by the main characters appeared awkward and unconvincing at first. But over the course of the storyline’s development, it became evident that Nolan hadn’t lost his touch.

I was also genuinely surprised and impressed by the performances. Particularly from Robert Pattinson; he looked very comfortable in his role and I believe his work greatly improved the film. I very much look forward to his future films.

Now, my review is not a completely positive one, for Tenet surely had its flaws. And obviously I am not as blatantly harsh towards them as some other film buffs are. Not to say that I am stupid or indulge in garbage. Rather, I just have a different opinion on what is valuable in a film. If Christopher Nolan took a more by the book take on this film, it just wouldn’t work. It would be trying to be too many things at once. And if that means someone feels Tenet is a worthless film from that standpoint then that is someone’s opinion. But I really loved this film and how Christopher Nolan took such a unique and creative way of making a movie.

I look forward to seeing this again to notice more intriguing aspects of the film and to satisfy my curiosity on all the interesting components of the film which is named Tenet.

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