Andrew GC

"five months of peace is just what i want."


"it's too bad she won't live. But then again, who does?"

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  • Wild at Heart
  • Nosferatu the Vampyre
  • 3 Women
  • In a Lonely Place

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  • The Switchblade Sisters


  • Inside Out


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  • Can You Take It


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  • Possession



    I'm vibrating with fun and joy because I've found another movie that continually confounded me with what I was being shown. The best movies do this, films that are just an array of images that never break the streak of throwing unbelievable stuff on screen. Movies show us things that we were never meant to see and that's what's great about them, and especially this one - Possession is positively loaded with shit the human eye shouldn't see. There's some…

  • Raising Arizona

    Raising Arizona


    "Son, you got a panty on your head."

    Oh my god dude I laughed my ass off at this Looney Tunes ass bullshit. I finally get the Coens now! I've liked their movies and even loved some but this is next level. In my mind this is their 2001, their Eraserhead. This is the five star that changes everything. Fucking love this movie, it's so funny and nice and cool, and I cried a bit at the ending. Lovely film.…

Recent reviews

  • The Switchblade Sisters

    The Switchblade Sisters


    Wild movie featuring a bunch of gangs, none of which go by the name Switchblade Sisters. I was fully ready for the name drop when the boys get kicked out of the gang, it seemed a clear set up for a badass transformation when the girls decide to become greater than they were and then they settle on a totally different name - the Jezebels. Good name but not great. Should absolutely have called themselves the Switchblade Sisters. Even so…

  • Merbabies



    The character design in this is very interesting, to say the least. This interpretation of mermaids renders their whole human ass hanging out, the bits and pieces are covered by the fish part but the human butt is very much intact. I guess that makes sense, I haven't thought about it too much. I'm seeing the ground floor for both The Little Mermaid and Pinocchio in this. Monstro the whale shows up here. I kind of think The Little Mermaid should have used these character designs, it would have been so funny if King Triton's ass was just hanging out

Popular reviews

  • Encanto



    I thought that Coco and Moana were good but that doesn't mean I want to see Disney make the same movie over and over again but with different people groups each time, notching movies like some sort of corporate Thanos collecting woke infinity stones in a (so far successful) attempt at controlling droves of fans to mindlessly defend them at every mild criticism. This is a mishmash of the first two movies I mentioned plus Raya and the Last Dragon…

  • Viva Las Vegas

    Viva Las Vegas


    "I'd like you to check my motor. It whistles.”
    "I don't blame it."