Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can ★★★★

Ok now this is a good one. A little bloodless, maybe could have used a little more menace and less, well, sentimentality since it is Spielberg, and a little overlong but you have to admit it is a good one. 

More and more I'm realizing I like these sort of, backed into a corner characters. Losing, but refusing to lose. Denial. I like that and when there's an actor who knows what he's doing, love him or hate him, Leo DiCaprio know what he's doing, it turns out a good performance. 

Tom Cruise I mean Tom Hankd Hanks is a good enough performer, obviously, but that accent ain't too good my man. But it's kind of bogus and that can be fun to listen to. 

Jazzy score of course from the always Jazzy John Sir Williams. I have to say that Christopher Walken gives a very jazzy performance as well. And then Jennifer Garner and Elizabeth Banks for a hot second and then Amy Adams? And then Martin sheen? Staven Spielbarg knows how to get stacked casts!!

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