Escape from New York

Escape from New York ★★★

A whole bunch of silliness! 

A lot of fun silliness but silliness nonetheless. Just a tad smarter than anything in the MCU canon but as you know that's not saying much. But much better to look at and more fun. 

Kurt Russell gives a more restrained, Clint Eastwood-lite performance and it doesn't work as well as his other restrained roles such as in The Thing. Ernest Borgnine and Harry Dean Stanton do a lot of God work though, even with a less than stellar script. You can almost see my man Harry Dean roll his eyes every time he makes another statement about Plissken. 

Donald Pleasence does a pretty good impression of every modern president we've had. It's pretty on the nose and his final lines made me snort derisively a little bit. We get it the president hates actual Americans. Tell us something we don't know. 

Some dodgy racial politics. 

Carpenter needed to get some extras who knew how to play more than just "dumb and crazy guys." 

I had a fun time but it dragged a little bit and I have this problem with Carpenter sometimes where he has this great concept but he just half asses it. There was a bunch more cooler things he could've done or said. Similar to The Fog. Really good atmosphere and then it ends up being the most rote version of the plot. A little disappointed to say the least. I mean Carpenter obviously knows how to make films, there's a lot of cool imagery and the score is good but it's just not as cool as it could be.

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