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  • Queen Kelly
  • The Dialogue of the Carmelites
  • Here and Elsewhere
  • Five-Year Diary

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  • Pinocchio Pipenose Household Dilemma

    Pinocchio Pipenose Household Dilemma


    Today I was home sick with some stomach bug that has given me explosive bowel issues. I figured it was the perfect time to watch a few Paul McCarthy videos. In fact I literally watched this one while I was on the porcelain throne. I think Paul would be proud! The movie greatly enhanced my toilet-going experience. This is a sick day I will never forget.

    On a less personal note, I loved how this expanded on the basic format…

  • The White Moth

    The White Moth


    THE WHITE MOTH is a fascinating piece of fluff dressed up (literally) in a kind of decadent glamour specific to the 1920s. The plot was the stuff of old-fashioned melodrama even then—a showgirl is being courted by a young society playboy much to the chagrin of his family, so his older brother sets out to break up the romance and ends up falling for her himself. Sound familiar? Yeah…this exact storyline was carried off beautifully in GOLD DIGGERS OF 1933,…

Recent reviews

  • Demons of the Mind

    Demons of the Mind


    One of the more unusual Hammer horror entries…condensed Victorian “penny dreadful” x dark fairytale vibes; very Angela Carter…dreamlike and disorienting even when the scenes consist only of old British men talking at each other. Easily the best film by Peter Sykes. Gillian Hills is a standout as the mad heroine in white; I would love to have seen her in more horror films 🤍

  • Barbie


    Many people are praising the ‘complicated’ girl power message it presents, but I don’t see the feminist ideology of BARBIE as positive. Before I say why, I have to say…no; I’m not going to “turn my brain off” and simply enjoy a big, fun summer blockbuster. I know I sound like I have a huge stick up my ass but idc. The ideas communicated through pop culture shape our world in a not insignificant way and this movie is one…

Popular reviews

  • Freaks



    I had never even thought of Edith as a member of the opposite sex; it had never even so much as crossed my mind that her crippled body was possessed of the same organs, that her soul harboured the same urgent desires, as those of other women. It was only from this moment that I began to have an inkling of the fact that the outcasts, the branded, the ugly, the withered, the deformed, the despised and rejected, desire with…

  • Puce Moment

    Puce Moment

    I truly can’t think of another film that distills the essence of how it feels to be by yourself and be happy, alone in your own private world, the way this one does.

    RIP 💗