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  • American Pie

    American Pie


    Steve Stifler is such a jackass, but dammit, I love him lmao

    (And I love this series - perhaps my greatest guilty pleasure)

  • Crossing Delancey

    Crossing Delancey


    "Bubbe, I'm being wooed."

    A charming, simple love story that always makes me feel comforted when I watch it.

    One of my favorite aspects of it is how prominent its setting is - specifically New York City's Lower East Side. Late 20th century NYC always looks incredible on film and it makes me wish I could visit it at that time.

    Accompanied by a unique and fun soundtrack featuring The Roches and great performances by the cast, it's a movie that I try to spread the word about because it deserves more exposure.

    RIP Joan Micklin Silver β™‘

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